Cloud Financial Optimizer - 4-week assessment


In four weeks we can help you quickly baseline and plot out your journey to capture cloud inefficiencies and reinvest in your business.

PwC's Cloud Financial Optimization offering, built for Microsoft Azure, leverages our consulting expertise to help CIOs, CTOs, and CFOs identify, action and avoid cloud usage inefficiency. Within 4 weeks, we assess your cloud efficiency across people, process, architecture and tools to provide both a savings and capability maturity roadmap, so you can potentially drive your costs down and focus on what really matters.

The Cloud Financial Optimization professional service blends our world class capabilities in Azure Cloud Architecture with Finance Effectiveness and Sourcing Excellence to help you: Determine the total cost of ownership to migrate and host workloads in the cloud. Identify waste reduction and optimization opportunities across the current cloud landscape. Sustain cloud efficiencies through automation, architecture, controls and a flexible operating model.

Offering deliverables: Optimization Roadmap: Gain visibility into and an action plan for capturing wasted spend Efficiency Scorecards: Identify, compare, and scale leading practices across key teams A Maturity Roadmap: Plot out a crawl-walk-run plan to uplift your organizational capabilities

The Cloud Financial Optimization offering helps ultimately companies get the most out of the Azure value proposition to them create and manage their cloud strategy, migrate data centers with confidence, and manage and optimize costs.