Azure Defender for IoT-10-Wk implementation


Programmatically manage cybersecurity risk to your operational systems and get a clear understanding of your Operational Technology space

Azure Defender for IoT enables visibility into corporate elements which are often poorly understood, yet house significant business value.

Industries such as Energy, Chemical, Manufacturing, Food Processing, and Pharmaceuticals rely on industrial controls systems (e.g. SCADA, DCS) as the backbone of their Operational Technology (OT) environment. These systems, while highly reliable, are often built on aged technology utilizing specialized protocols which are brittle to modern IT-based means of monitoring and assessment.

As part of their long-standing relationships with clients in those industries, PwC has embraced the use of Azure Defender for IoT as part of their OT Cybersecurity Assessment offering. This Microsoft product provides flexible deployment and robust analysis capabilities in a non-intrusive manner allowing PwC clients to realize new insights while minimizing risks of potential outages.

At the start of the assessment, Azure Defender for IoT is passively deployed to network span ports or taps and immediately it begins to gather and analyze visible traffic. These results populate an asset inventory which most clients find incredibly valuable since an accurate inventory is often impossible in these environments. PwC analysts then work with the client to verify and validate each asset. Azure Defender for IoT provides vulnerability and potential attack information which guides the PwC analyst as configurations are updated and new defenses are considered.

By the end of the assessment, the client has a clear understanding of their OT space, what exists in it, the cyber-based risks to operations, and an actionable remediation roadmap for managing those risks going forward. The client is also well positioned to adopt Azure Defender for IoT as an ongoing OT monitoring tool with the ability to link to other Azure based services for additional analysis, long term trending, and integration with other Azure tools for enterprise-wide dashboards and alerting.