Smart Venues 10 week Assessment


Build a roadmap to deliver smart spaces and memorable digital experiences with converged technology for your customers

PwC’s Media & Entertainment, Real Estate, and Technology experience with Microsoft’s cloud

Understanding how customers move through both your physical and virtual spaces can be the key to creating more personal, and meaningful, touch points. PwC's smart venues uses connected technologies like Azure IoT and Analytics services and Digital Twin to help companies create smart venues for consumers and employees, helping to quickly increase revenue per unit, and reduce operational expenses—impacting your bottom line in weeks, not months.

Features Sustainable operations: Using Azure Analytics Services and IoT technology, create a safer, healthier environment for customers and staff—helping reduce costs through centralized functions, predictive analytics to monitor, predict and manage equipment status, waste removal and climate control. Identity and Analytics: Curated data and analytics using Microsoft’s Customer Experience Platform, Azure and Power BI helps put the power of business intelligence in your hands, providing actionable insights for lasting ROI. Connected digital twin: Managing a physical venue with multiple vendors, each using separate data systems, requires a single source to centralize information. Improve asset management and venue performance by building a data-rich virtual model, with real-time spatial insights, on Azure Digital Twins.

Key Benefits Attract more customers: Personalize advertising with targeted customer insights, provide proximity marketing at the right time and place and enhance on-site experiences with meaningful customer touchpoints.

Gain insights from a connected IT system: Receive real-time insights to understand how customers are using your space and make adjustments to optimize operations.

Drive customer engagement: Create intuitive digital experiences based on customer data to learn performance drivers. Save money on building operations: Reduce energy usage and waste to help improve sustainability, identify maintenance opportunities and facility resources with predictive maintenance.

Together, PwC and Microsoft help companies across industries build Smart Venues to streamline operations and create connected experiences. Learn more.