Operation and monitoring: 4-Week implementation.

Prisma Soluciones Tecnologicas SRL

Implementation of Operations Management Suit for data protection, availability, analysis and monitoring of resources.

When acquiring this solution, you will have the support and advice of the team of IT specialists from Prisma Soluciones Tecnológicas, who will carry out the development and implementation tasks of the agreed technology.

During the term of the contract, you will be assigned a consultant who will carry out the implementation tasks of the "Operation and Monitoring of IT services in the cloud" service. Once the implementation is done, the assigned consultant will provide your IT team with the necessary training to make efficient use of the applied resources.

The "Operation and monitoring of IT services in the cloud" service deals with the deployment of various infrastructure and productivity solutions in the cloud, comprehensive systems management, technical support and general IT consulting. These solutions are based on OMS (Operations Management Suit) services.

Operations Management Suit (OMS) is a collection of management services designed from the ground up in the cloud. The OMS components are entirely hosted on Azure. However, this does not mean that OMS services do not have the ability to effectively manage the On-Premises environment. The main functionality of OMS is to provide a set of services that run on Azure. Each of these services provides a specific management function, allowing them to be combined to achieve different management scenarios.

With OMS you will have: *Backup and recovery of critical data. *Protection of virtual or physical machines. *High availability. *Analysis of availability and performance of different resources. *Export and generation of alerts, analysis and dashboards.