Community Training: 4-Wk Implementation

Prisma Soluciones Tecnologicas SRL

Microsoft Community Training is an online learning platform powered by Azure that enables organizations to run training programs for their communities.

Our specialists will take care of the implementation, development and customization of the platform in the first instance. Then they will provide the client with a consulting period of time in which support will be provided to learn how to use the solution and to upload all the necessary content for its use.

Microsoft Community Training is an Azure powered platform to enable learning for everyone, everywhere. It supports personalized learning for a large-scale mobile-based community. It is affordable, easy to manage and provides robust security and privacy protection through an easy-to-use UI or via REST APIs.

It offers clean and visual interfaces provide an intuitive and engaging learning experience for learners of all backgrounds, it also supports learning in low bandwidth networks and even offline. Learners can access courses anytime, anywhere from their choice of device.

It allows to enable your grassroots by giving the manager a set of user management and monitoring tools to ground staff and facilitators to reach out to your distributed communities and drive adoption and engagement of your learning programs.