FMDK: Azure Managed Services

Fellowmind Denmark A/S

The simple, safe and fast track to Microsoft Azure

With Azure Managed Services (AMS) we provide you with what is needed to establish a robust, mature, and scalable Azure platform including governance and security – with minimal effort and requirement of skills.

Azure Managed Services (AMS) is based on our SaaS solution and delivered as a Managed Service in your tenant. We support and operate the solution. Your sole focus is to deploy cloud services and solutions to enable digitalization based on Azure.

Everything you need to get the best from Azure:

  • Our dedicated team will get you ready to deploy services in 1-2 weeks.
  • Portal based service requests and automated creation of Landing Zones and services.
  • Code based solution, with quality, support, and continuous development.
  • Based on Enterprise-Scale, refined by Fellowmind from +100 implementations, to create a robust multi-region platform.
  • The scalability you need to provide your teams with the freedom to develop, migrate and deploy services and workloads in Landing Zones.
  • Integrated documentation and service catalog with automated standard requests.

Azure Managed Services

  • Azure Platform services constitute a robust, safe, secure, and scalable Azure solution ready to request deployment of landing zones, servers, services, or entire blueprints to get you going in minutes.

  • Landing Zones services provide a fast blueprint based-, well-defined- and governed room, to provide your Azure developer or deployment teams with safe and scalable access to Azure services.

  • Azure Kubernetes Services (AKS) services provide a ready to use container platform where you can deploy new, modernized, or migrated solutions.

  • Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD) services provide access to a secure and scalable remote desktop experience from virtually anywhere.

The value from three perspectives

From a CIO perspective

  • A standardized delivery which is easy to understand, use and operate
  • Use of Service Catalogs – enables self-service to individuals, teams or project manager
  • Fewer critical or high impact cases and shorter time to recovery
  • Focus usage of skills and knowledge on business applications
  • Avoid the dependency on specific people

From a CCoE group perspective

  • Easy to deploy a set of services and servers
  • Integrated into the pipeline developers already use
  • Better security utilizing governance and compliance controls
  • Enables the transformation to native cloud and services
  • Better control over economy
  • Integration into the DevOps process

From an operations perspective

  • Automation saves time and provides consistent quality
  • Automated version control, tracking and change management
  • Automates recovery and deployment
  • Free up time - leaving more time for innovation and improvements
  • Scalability
  • No vendor lock-in