Azure Health Check: 1-Wk Assessment

Proact IT Group

The Azure Healthcheck delivers a clear report with findings and recommendations how to improve an Azure environment on main topics like maturity, security and other areas.

Using a Microsoft's best practices and our database of best practices and design decisions, our cloud specialists will assess your current Microsoft Azure infrastructure, identify areas requiring improvement, and generate an overview assessment report. Based on this report we can mitigate issues and optimise your environment, or your internal team can take on the work instead. The check results in a clear report with findings, prioritized and categorized, and also includes an estimation of the amount of time required to remediate or optimize the action point.

The scope of this health check is :

  • Infrastructure Components

  • Network, Connectivity

  • Storage, Disks

  • Virtual Machines

  • Availability Sets

  • Load Balancers

  • SQL Instances, PaaS

  • Other Resources

  • Security Configuration

  • Usage Validation

This assessment will deliver:

  • A clear and actionable Healthcheck Report

  • Cost Estimation for improvements

  • Roadmap and time effort estimations for recommended improvements

  • Presentation to Customer of findings