Data Platform: 4-Wk Implementation

ProArch Technologies, Inc.

Fast track a well architected, DevOps deployed Synapse centric Azure data platform. Build your first ingestions, pipelines, models & visuals and automate deployment across environments with DataOps.

Our Data Platform enables our customers to:

• Gain access to the latest data processing technology including data pipelines, Spark notebooks and various SQL based options

• Store date in modern repositories such as data lakes, cloud data warehouses, data lakehouse

• Implement data governance across a customer’s data landscape

• Deploy a full, integrated cloud data platform in to your organization in days through automation

• Enable new capabilities for data ingestion, visualization, engineering, artificial intelligence and data governance

• Process “modern” data of any volume, variety, veracity or velocity

• Benefit from elastic costs that scale as your organization does

• Use a single, corporate branded portal interface to manage development, end users and access

• Implement our DataOps methodology, a robust process to build and promote work from dev to test to production

A best practice implementation of Microsoft's industry leading Data and Analytics services:

ProArch uses DevOps automation to deploy a complete data platform in to customer subscriptions with Azure Synapse at it's heart. Our implementation goes beyond just deploying Synapse, it adds in numerous additional capabilities including a data lake, function apps, networking, data marts, a unified permissions model, integration with customer networks, provisioning of a data lake, network configuration, security hardening, a unified permission model across all services, and operational and governance configuration for management and monitoring of cost, security, source control, releases, etc.

How ProArch help our customers:

Platform: We take the heavy lifting out of deploying a modern cloud data platform in to your organization. We work with your IT team to ensure readiness through a pre-deployment process, provide transparency in to what we needs to be set up and then configure and run our automated deployment of all the required Azure Data Services through infrastructure as code and DevOps pipelines.

Expertise: Proarch’s expertise across all data services allows us to build hybrid teams with customers to ensure the correct skill set is deployed to both configure and leverage data services and set up. We work with customers to build data ingestion, pipelines, models, AI and visualizations. We help with knowledge transfer to get customers up to speed with new cloud technology and optimise processes and approaches based on customer use cases, for example ad-hoc data exploration requires a different approach to financial analysis or dealing with sensitive data. Several roles are required to build out and manage a data platform (see the chart to the right) and often some roles like Architects or DevOps engineers are required ad-hoc and are well suited to allowing a Partner to provide subject matter experts as needed instead of hiring in-house.

Support: Cloud data services continue to evolve and need to be brough on board to keep the platform current. Monitoring of logs and events needs to be set up. Security, Reliability and Performance alerts need to be acted on. Data ingestion and pipelines have dependencies on other systems that may be subject to change, which could result in pipeline failures and data science models may require re-training. Data platforms produces reports and analytics but can be critical infrastructure if suppling curated data to downstream systems. ProArch offer an option for an outsourced solution providing the necessary support skills to customers that may not have the resources to do it themselves.