AI and Intelligent Automation Workshop

Productive Edge

Discover how your business can best leverage Intelligent Automation through the rapid discovery of use cases with the highest benefit from the adoption of automation technology.

The 4-hour virtual workshop helps you identify potential use cases for automation, accelerating your adoption of Robotic Process Automation and intelligent automation on Microsoft Azure. Intelligent automation on Azure offers operations and business leaders a valuable opportunity to improve processing times for repetitive manual tasks, standardize processes, improve the workforce’s scale, reduce friction, and realize cost savings on Azure. This workshop focuses on several activities, such as an automation education session focusing on the possibilities when combining AI and RPA on Azure; identifying key business/IT goals and aligning teams around shared automation objectives on Azure; identifying a backlog of potential use cases on Azure; and conducting end to end walkthroughs and documentation of two high priority AI-enabled use case processes on Azure. You will walk away from this workshop with a backlog of validated use cases with clarity into complexity and impact, as well as go-forward recommendations for two high priority use cases on Microsoft Azure.