Healthcare Data Integration Accelerator

Productive Edge

Accelerate Healthcare Interoperability and Innovation. The accelerator provides a fast track to FHIR-based clinical data integration in Microsoft Azure in 12 weeks.

Unlock the full potential of your healthcare data with the Healthcare Data Integration Accelerator by Productive Edge and Redox.

Designed to address the challenges of data silos, manual processes, and compliance, our end-to-end solution streamlines data integration and transformation. By leveraging industry-standard FHIR protocols and cloud-based analytics, we empower healthcare organizations to achieve operational efficiency, compliance, and innovation. Realize unparalleled outcomes in patient care, clinical decision-making, and workflow optimization with our 12-week engagement that will help you establish your healthcare data foundation in Microsoft Azure.

For healthcare organizations, realizing the full potential of data requires overcoming common barriers:

  • Disjointed, siloed data across systems
  • Manual, error-prone data processes
  • Bespoke integrations that limit scalability
  • Difficulty meeting industry compliance standards

There is a better way. The Healthcare Data Integration Accelerator from Productive Edge and Redox provides an end-to-end solution to:

  • Establish a connected data foundation and architecture in Microsoft Azure
  • Standardize and unify data from across your systems
  • Integrate and transform data to industry standard FHIR  
  • Automate processes for efficiency and risk reduction
  • Activate real-time analytics and workflows in the Microsoft Azure cloud 

With the Accelerator, you can accelerate outcomes across critical initiatives:

  • Longitudinal patient records for whole-person care
  • Real-time analytics for clinical decision support 
  • Workflow optimization and automation
  • Compliance with healthcare data standards and regulations
  • Rapid activation of innovations using FHIR APIs

Comprehensive Strategy, Technical Enablement, and Technical Implementation

This comprehensive engagement includes:

  • Planning (Productive Edge):
    • Current state assessment and future vision
    • Use case identification and prioritization
    • Technology roadmap and architecture  
    • Overall roadmap phase approach
  • Enablement for Use Case 1 (Redox):
    • Data requirements and integration architecture for Microsoft Azure
    • Actionable recommendations based on priorities 
  • Execution for Use Case 1 (Joint Delivery):
    • Microsoft Azure environment setup and certification
    • Establishing persistent data connections 
    • Data transformation and normalization
    • Unified data repository tailored to your needs 

Additional Requirements

  • A Redox license is required.
  • A Microsoft Azure subscription is required.

Pricing and Timeline

  • Strategy + Technical Enablement + Execution (12-Week Delivery): $450,000

Subject to architectural approval. Software licensing costs are not included.

With the Accelerator, your organization can finally realize the full potential of your healthcare data. Let our experts guide you through strategy, architecture, integration, and execution for maximum efficiency, innovation, and strategic advantage.