Data Masking Solution Implementation

Evitec Oy

Reach regulatory compliance with the help of Evitec’s data masking solution.


Starting from 25th of May 2018, EU and GDPR regulations require that testing should not be made with any accurate personal identification data.

Evitec’s solution is based on Microsoft Azure. Technical requirements for the implementation are Microsoft Azure Virtual Machine and SQL Server.


• Testing should be done using masked (pseudonymized / anonymized) data. Masking means that the needed data will be handled in such way that it cannot be connected to a real person or a company without additional information.

• All the needed information can be masked transparently with one solution in Microsoft Azure. Also rules and algorithms behind the system can be modified easily.


• Plenty of data tables / fields to be masked.

• Flexible and easy to add new tables, fields and rules.

• Solutions is designed to be transparent and adaptable to configurations.

• Easy integrations to provide the masked data to different parties.


• Fulfilling the regulatory requirements set by authorities when using personal data.

• Trade secrets can be masked in test material.

• Centralized environment for masked data in Microsoft Azure.

• Integrations after masking are simple to implement. Data and structures are the same as in the data source.

• Masking rules are simple to implement and maintain, which creates transparency for users.

• The solution is easily expandable. Tables and data sources can be added when needed.


Typical project duration:

• Preparations: 1-3 weeks

• Implementation: 1-3 months

• Approval testing: 1-3 weeks

• Project size approximately 40-80 work days

The project can be implemented virtually.


• The workload varies depending on the scope of the project.

• Pricing estimated to start from 35 000 € (excluding VAT). Please contact Evitec for more details.