Proof of Concept Migration: 4-Weeks


Project Hosts will host your Windows or Linux application on Microsoft Azure in its HIPAA compliant, HITRUST certified security envelope for 4-weeks as a POC.

Project Hosts offers a 4 weeks' POC trial to commercial and healthcare organizations and ISVs, who are considering migrating their applications from AWS or on-premise onto Azure.

The main concerns organizations have when moving into the cloud are protecting data, maintaining privacy and running in a secure and compliant environment.

Project Hosts created a HITRUST Certified Security Envelope on Microsoft Azure that enables commercial and healthcare organizations to move their on-premises apps into Azure. These Security Envelopes are comprised of controls and measures implemented on PaaS and SaaS levels.

Customers migrating into this environment will inherit security controls for a path to turn-key compliance.

Our Azure security and compliance experts will:

scan your app apply proxies provide security provide continuous monitoring

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