Azure Virtual Desktop Basic: 6-days Proof Of Concept


Azure Virtual Desktop – basic – is a solution that allows organizations to discover this innovative solution on Azure to deliver RemoteApp or remote multi-session.

Learn the architecture of the services and how govern and manage it, how build gold image and take advantage of FSLogix to manage user profiles on multi-session vm for your end user.

Thanks to this service provided as PaaS and fully integrated into the Azure portal, the AVD solutions is simplified, secure, with control pane managed by Microsoft; it is easier to autoscale virtual machines on host pool based on workload and concurrency session users.


  • Workshop to learn Azure Virtual Desktop solutions:
    • Azure subscription
    • Resource organization with resource groups, naming, etc.
    • Azure Virtual Desktop, information and how works.
    • Azure Virtual Desktop setup, prerequisites, best practices.
    • Explain how to use, govern and manage AVD.
    • Explain how users can connect with client on remote sessions, the user profiles with FSLogix on Azure Files and how approach to manage endpoints with actual business process or new modern approach.
  • Proof of Concept phase:
    • deploy Azure Virtual Desktop services on azure and relate resources
    • deploy 2 multi-session host (virtual machines), only “azure AD join” based on standard golden image
    • deploy Azure Files, setup azure AD authentication, configure FSLogix
  • Start to operate with Azure Virtual Desktop: pilot project with 2 multi-session host (virtual machines) “azure AD join”. Test AVD modern client, permissions, autoscale, publish 1 RemoteApp or 1 application on full remote desktop.
  • Design presentation to IT manager to explain process, recommendations, and next steps.


Scope of proof of concept is only the initial deployment of resources and learn how specified in agenda without specific business workloads or production environment that need detailed assessment and project plan.