Azure Files: 1-Week Implementation


Azure Files is a solution that allows organizations to deploy files share also over public internet allow easy access for users.

It supports classic authentication with AD on-premises and alternately can support hybrid modern authentication on Azure AD.

You do not need any more to manage servers, keep them updated, complex cluster setup and so on, switch to PaaS (Platform as a Services) powered by Azure in a simple and scalable way.


  • Workshop to design Azure Files and learn how works:
    • Azure subscription
    • Resource organization with resource groups, naming, etc.
    • Azure Files storage types
    • Azure Files authentication options
    • Scalability, performance and redundant choice.
    • Assessment of business requirement, best practices, etc.
  • Deployment phase:
    • deploy Azure Files
    • deploy Azure Backup snapshots related to Azure Files
  • Start to operate with files share, manage permissions and access management.
  • Manage backup and restore of files.
  • Documentation of architecture
  • Design presentation to IT manager to explain design decisions, recommendations, and next steps.


The price of this engagement may vary upon the complexity of the business case to be implemented.

Scope of implementation is only the initial deployment of resources specified in agenda without specific business workloads or migrations that need detailed assessment and project plan.