Azure Landing Zone and CAF Essentials: 1-Week Implementation


Azure Landing Zone and CAF is a solution that allows organizations to deploy a cloud infrastructure aligned to Microsoft Cloud Adoption Framework and Well-Architect Framework

The Azure Landing Zone Essentials engagement will leave your organization with a production-ready, well governed and secure Azure environment capable of supporting new deployments or migrate virtual machines or other workloads to the Azure cloud.

Landing Zones save time and predispose the environment for successive scalable workloads while implementing an initial baseline through the creation of core resources.


  • Workshop to design landing zone and learn Microsoft Cloud Adoption Framework:
    • Azure subscription
    • Resource organization with resource groups, naming and tagging standard
    • Azure billing, Cost Management and alerts for cost control
    • Identity and access management/roles with Azure and Active Directory tenant integration
    • Scalability, performance and zone redundant principles
    • Best practices, etc.
  • Deployment phase:
    • deploy hub and spoke (1 hub and 1 spoke)
    • deploy vpn if required (1 vpn site-to-site)
    • deploy azure firewall standard
    • deploy azure bastion basic
  • Start to operate with 1 virtual machine on Azure and other basic Azure Operations
  • Documentation of architecture
  • Design presentation to stakeholders to explain design decisions, recommendations and next steps.


The price of this engagement may vary upon the complexity of the business case to be implemented.

Scope of implementation is only the initial deployment of resources specified in agenda without specific business workloads that need detailed assessment and project plan.