Azure Infra migration - lift and shift vm: 1-Week Proof Of Concept


Infrastructure migration is a solution that allows organizations to do an easy lift and shift of virtual machines to Azure IaaS environments.

Learn how to govern and manage the migration process with our competency and discover the cloud advantages with PAYG model, more scalable and without the operating and maintenance costs of the physical part of a data center, just worry about running your virtual machines.

Thanks to this service provided as PaaS and fully integrated into the Azure portal, the migration process is simplified and it is easier to coordinate the project and manage complexity of the process.


  • Workshop to learn Azure Infrastructure Migration process:
    • Azure subscription
    • Resource organization with resource groups, naming, etc.
    • Azure Migrate, information and how works.
    • Azure Migrate project setup and prerequisites.
    • Explain of migration process (discover, assess, plan, migrate)
    • Lift and shift concept, best practices, etc.
  • Proof of Concept phase:
    • deploy Azure Migrate services on azure
    • deploy Azure Migrate virtual appliance on-premises
  • Start to operate with migration process: discover, assess, plan and migrate 1-2 vm windows/linux to learn it.
  • Design presentation to IT manager to explain process, recommendations, and next steps.


Scope of proof of concept is only the initial deployment of resources and learn how specified in agenda without specific business workloads or production environment that need detailed assessment and project plan.