Accelerate Application Modernization & Innovation with Azure: 4-Weeks Workshop


The workshop aims to empower participants and explore Azure resources to discover new business models that can enhance customer experience and improve revenue.

Please connect with us for 4-weeks workshop to plan on how to modernize your business applications to deliver greater value to your customers. We'll work and guide you to choose the right Azure resources for your application modernization.

  • Overall Vision:
    • List of new business capabilities which will lead to more revenue.
    • List of new business capabilities which will lead to improved customer experience.
    • More...
  • High level screen prototype of mockups application functionality.
  • Requirement document including use cases and success criteria.
  • High level design and Azure solution architecture.
  • Project charter, divide into multiple deliverable units or business capabilities.
  • Work with LOB, to prioritize business capabilities required to deliverable MVP.
  • Cost estimates, resource plan and timelines for MVP and beyond.
  • Understand current state, pain points and limitations.
  • Designing the future app:
    • Explore industry trends.
    • Evaluate technology (Azure Cognitive, Azure AI/ML, Azure IoT...) applicable to your new business model.
    • Evaluate Azure resources (Azure App Service, AKS, Azure DevOps...) required to speed up your development and deployment process.
    • Azure resourced required to maintain high availability.
    • Leverage our experience to prepare several options.
    • Role play and step through user stories with SMEs.
  • Evaluate organization readiness for each option.
  • Choose an option and ensure stakeholder alignment and buy-in.
  • Identify risks and incorporate change management into the plan.
  • Build a business plan to modernize and migrate to Azure.


  • Duration 4 weeks.
  • The pricing and timelines are estimates based on average deal size and will be adjusted after agreed on proposal.
Reach out to us for a discussion.