Migrate Your Application to Azure in 2 Weeks: Proof of Concept


This Proof of Concept (PoC) is designed to showcase a simplified approach for migrating your applications to Azure, highlighting the ease and efficiency of the migration process.

We are here to provide assistance regardless of whether you have a 3-tier application, SOA, or Micro Frontends/Microservices architecture. Our primary objective is to migrate your application to a serverless environment. If this proves to be unfeasible, our subsequent focus will be on transitioning you to Azure PaaS (Platform as a Service). By pursuing these paths, our aim is to significantly reduce operational costs associated with infrastructure management. In the event that these options are not feasible, we can explore alternatives and present you with various possibilities. These may include achieving serverless or PaaS through minor refactoring or considering IaaS options for specific portions of your application.


  • Discovery and assessment of environment, dependencies, potential changes and roadblocks for migration.
  • Select the application for migration, including all tiers of application or just parts.
  • Deisgn and planning that includes, steps, resources and timelines.
  • Migration execution that includes setting up teh Azure your environment, provision resources, and transfer data.
  • Validate and test that includes performance and security
  • Handover and documentation that includes migration process, configuration details and best practices.


  • Migration plan outlining the steps.
  • Azure environment setup and related configuration details.
  • Migrated application and related code and configuration changes.
  • Testing results that include test cases and issues encountered and how they were resolved.
  • Knowledge transfer session and guidance to your team on managing the migrated application on Azure.


  • Duration 2 weeks.
  • The pricing and timelines are estimates based on average application size and will be adjusted after agreed on proposal.
  • Organizational commitment, availability and cooperation of key stakeholders, including:
    • Subject matter experts, both app dev and business side
    • Data, InfoSec, infrastructure & network engineering representation
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