Mission Planning


Set yourself up for product success and ensure your product achieves product market fit optimising your use of the Azure platform

Program Objective: To set you up for product success and make sure your product has product market fit, including consideration of business context and operations, customer value proposition, optimal use of the Azure stack and go-to-market activities.

What do you get?

  • Customer journey needs analysis
  • Problem statement & hypothesis
  • Solution hypothesis ideation and prioritisation
  • Solution prototyping on Azure
  • User testing / concept validation
  • User Story Mapping for candidate solution
  • Product roadmap (To Launch)

How does this work?

Weeks 1-2: Immersion Phase Objective: Understand the current state of the product, including business context and operations, customer value proposition and go-to-market

  • Recorded interviews with 4-6 stakeholders
  • Customer hypothesis, target customers and interview script
  • Playback presentation materials, including list of key pain points/opportunities and their relevance/importance based on initial observations

Weeks 3-4: Test & Learn Phase Objective: Articulate the problem statement and solution hypothesis, with supporting low fidelity prototype suitable for testing and refining the proposed solution with internal and external stakeholders.

  • Workshop - Outcome driven solution hypothesis
  • Recorded interviews and analysis with 4-6 target customers
  • Low fidelity prototype utilising appropriate Azure services for further testing
  • Visualisation of the idea/ concept and capture of real user feedback and insight

Weeks 5-6: Feasibility Check Phase Objective: Assess what would be needed to bring the solution to life - solution architecture on Azure and the feasibility of the technical approach. Engineering review of the proposed solution along with UX and product to determine the possible technical approach, constraints and risks.

  • Customer testing of prototype
  • Prototype updated based on feedback
  • Proposed technical solution design including what Azure services should be used to maximise efficiency and scalability
  • Estimated operational costs of the Azure platform
  • Documentation of assumptions, risks and constraints

Parallel Activities

  • Prepare for execution and handover to delivery team (if applicable) NB **Our goal here is not to detail out the full scope of work (user stories etc) but instead to articulate the high level goals and recommended approach to deliver the first few increments of value.
  • Product roadmap (Now, Next, Later) and summary of findings and recommendations
  • Estimates based on the user story mapping and proposed roadmap sequence
  • Risks and constraints associated with the proposed solution

By incorporating Microsoft Azure into our program, we empower you to leverage industry-leading cloud services, advanced analytics, and secure infrastructure, ensuring your product is built on a solid foundation for success. Please note that the pricing provided is indicative and subject to confirmation via a detailed, customized Statement of Work tailored to your specific requirements.