Citrix On Azure: 6-Day Proof of Concept


A 6-day custom-designed Proof of Concept to seamlessly migrate your legacy Citrix workloads to Microsoft Azure.

This 6-day Proof of Concept is for executives and IT managers/decision-makers, and is primarily held on-site at the client’s facility.


Day 1

  • In-depth analysis of existing Citrix topology and performance.
  • Facilitated meetings with IT managers to determine future state requirements of Citrix.

Day 2

  • Citrix Version upgrade design session, including new features.
  • Composition of Citrix component design diagram.

Day 3

  • Citrix on Azure Security design sessions.
  • Citrix on Azure Networking design sessions.

Day 4

  • Citrix on Azure server, network, and storage design.
  • Citrix on Azure cost calculation, projections, and analysis.

Day 5

  • Citrix on Azure design completed.
  • Citrix on Azure deployment and migration approach.

Day 6

  • Citrix on Azure technical architecture meetings/presentations to stakeholders.
  • Citrix on Azure executive stakeholder ‘go forward’ planning.
  • Next steps.


By the end of this workshop, customers will have a full design and plan to migrate to Citrix on Azure from their legacy on-premise environment. The new design will be tailored to their specifications, and will also outline monthly Azure consumption spending.