Citrix on Azure: 5-Day Proof of Concept

Provectus Technologies GmbH

Create a Citrix on Azure based VDI/RDSH proof of concept with password less sign on

This 5-day proof-of-concept is for technical leaders and is held on-site at the client’s facility


Day 1

Focuses on Azure IaaS basics, providing network, access, Active Directory and Citrix Cloud Management

Day 2 and 3

Defining baseline to configure portal-based access solution to provide password less sign on using Azure AD

Day 4

Providing domain joined VDI/RDSH

Day 5

Discussing and deploying FSlogix for profile management

Outcome of the Proof of Concept As an Outcome of the Proof of Concept

  • you are able to deploy VDIs/RDSH on Azure
  • you are able to manage the VDIs/RDSH with Citrix Cloud
  • you are able to sign-on with a Azure AD user to AD joined VDIs/RDSH
  • you are able to evaluate the benefit of using VDI on Azure

Pricing: The amount is based on a five day Consulting Service plus actual travel expenses.