Application Modernization : 6-Wk Implementation

Provoke Solutions

Refresh your legacy applications and revitalise your users with Provoke’s Azure Application Modernization programme.

Most organisations have business-critical applications running on outdated technologies that are risky and costly to maintain. Provoke’s Azure Application Modernization programme enables organisations to extend the life span of these legacy applications as well as add new modern features to empower users.

Provoke’s expert team of Architects, Developers, Cloud Engineers and User Experience Designers will assess your current application and help you decide on the optimal modernization strategy, be that a re-architecture of the solution to enable it to scale and improve supportability, minor refactoring to support cloud features or an entire rebuild to maximise the value of new technologies and AI features.

Along with revitalising your applications Provoke will help optimise your Azure platform to ensure it is secure, maintainable and cost-optimised, and our DevOps Engineers will configure best practice CI/CD pipelines and monitoring for automated testing and deployment. This will ensure that you and your team will be able to support and evolve your application for years to come.