Cloud Assessment Tabletop / 2-6 Wk*/ FOC


Free assessment to help you get an overview of your IT landscape, identify Azure cloud eligible apps and business case.

If you are looking at either starting your cloud journey to Azure on the right foot or realigning your efforts to meet long-term business objectives, Proximus is the trusted partner who can not only advise & create a roadmap for modernization but also execute the strategy. Cloud Assessment is the approach to identify the workloads that are Cloud compatible and which can function on Azure as good as they function on premise, with a strategical migration roadmap in the form of move group and the required treatments.

Cloud Assessment Tabletop :

Consolidated view of IT landscape. Identify major Azure cloud eligible apps, business case

Activities Covered :

Tabletop assessment is a manual analysis based on the inputs shared by the customer. It includes the following activities: a. Gather information about the application technology stack b. OS, DB, application complexity & criticality c. Analysis of the infra details which includes whether workloads running on incumbent assets are compatible on cloud d. Whether the application can be migrated to the PaaS platform e. Whether there exists a SaaS option or whether it is best advised to be on-premises f. Basis the information received on the above analysis, provide the respective Treatment plan (Rehost/ Replatform/ Replace/ Retire/ Retain)

Sources and Tools :

CMDB Data, Questionnaire, Manual Task,

Pre-Requisites/ Assessment Levers :

1. Application and DB versions 2. Business criticality 3. Data sensitivity 4. Infra dependencies 5. High level view of Application type 6. Legacy technology identification