Cloud Discovery: 3-days with interactive workshops


Define Cloud strategy and discover the Microsoft Azure Cloud capabilities | Get an answer on your todays challenges


Moving to the Cloud can transform the way your business uses technology, providing new ways to innovate and operate with greater efficiency. This workshop will provide you insights in how to tackle the challenges you face when adopting a public Cloud strategy.


  • Deeper insights on the Cloud
  • Select the cloud solution(s) that best fit your needs that best fit your needs
  • Define a company wide supported idea on where to go
  • Better understanding on your current high-level architecture


Cloud context & trends

What is the cloud? Why is it so important? What benefits do you achieve for your company? Is the cloud you’re using now safe enough? Why sovereign cloud? What is the new legislative framework?
For whom?
Board, management and IT department

Cloud strategy

What are your (main) reasons for choosing the cloud? How do you use the Azure sovereign cloud? What results do you expect? What must you take into account, financially and technically?
For whom?
Board, management and IT department

Technical introduction

The Azure sovereign cloud, data classification, confidential computing, entrusted encryption, an external encryption key, etc.; what is it and what are the advantages of Azure for your company?
For whom?
CISOs, DPOs and data security architects

This is what you get from us

  • A plan for switching to the cloud, customised for your company and based on the input we get from you during the workshops.
  • An overview of all the legal requirements on data and the cloud