SAP on Azure: 10-Wk Implementation

PT Astra Graphia Information Technology

As a License Service Provider (LSP) and Cloud Service Provider (CSP) Partner of Microsoft, Agit provide services package for SAP on Azure including Implementation Services & Managed Services

AGIT can help customer to fulfill their requirements proposed completely. We provide certified and qualified consultants and technical supports to strengthen our service solution. AGIT’s services is reliable to boost customer’s business. Experienced in many industries such as manufacturing, banking, retail industry especially manage infrastructure and help to optimize their IT infrastructure by adopting an IaaS. Take advantage of continuous end-user support from the following AGIT Implementation & Managed Services Package for SAP on Azure:

Agit Implementation Services for SAP on Azure including:

  1. Design Topology:
  • Technical Discussion with SAP Team & User
  • Design Topology Documentation
  1. VM Provision (2 weeks duration per environment *)
  • Resource Group
  • Proximity Placement Group
  • OS
  • Network (Virtual Network, Address Space, Subnet, IP Address, Site-to-Site VPN)
  • Disk (Volume Group, Logical Volume, Stripping Disk, Mounting, Host Caching)
  • Swap Memory
  • Install extension Azure Enhanced Monitoring for SAP
  • Enable Azure Monitoring Insight for VM
  • Deployment Documentation

Agit Managed Services for SAP on Azure provide preventive maintenance activities and monthly report manage service for azure infrastructure environment including: -Health check infrastructure result and problem  -Inform incident list include cloud environment availability -Recommendation for infrastructure problem -Provide support for cloud infrastructure environment -Principal as 3rd level support for identify and solve potential failure -Maintain and monitoring VM and network performance -Monitor disk capacity, server capacity, network utilization and trend bandwidth usage -Scale compute capacity (memory & CPU) (if needed) -Scale storage capacity (if needed) -Maintain, Monitoring and Troubleshoot operating system problems, monitor system log and file systems

(*Assuming development, staging & production environment)