ViBiCloud Merah Putih: 5-Wk Implementation

PT Awan Integrasi Sandidata

Hybrid Cloud Solution powered by Azure Stack HCI that can bring Azure Services into customer DataCenter. Designed to reduce the infrastructure plan complexity and simplify deployment and operational.

Integrate with Azure Arc and Azure Kubernetes Service as cloud-native solution that make ViBiCloud Merah Putih different from other HCI solution. ViBiCloud Merah Putih comes with hardware server and Azure Stack HCI subscription that offered 3 T-shirt Size:

  1. Small (2 nodes; 48 Core; 768 GB RAM; 20 TB storage)
  2. Medium (4 nodes; 104 Core; 2048 GB RAM; 48 TB storage)
  3. Large (6 nodes; 192 Core; 3072 GB RAM; 74.7 TB storage)

2 location options to host ViBiCloud Merah Putih:

  1. On-premise customer (with the list of requirement that need to be provided by customer that attached on ViBiCloud Merah Putih Playbook)
  2. ViBiCloud Colocation with 4-tier certified DataCenter to provide the best solution for customer.

ViBiCloud offering service:

  1. Implementation service from installing hardware until customer can run their application on ViBiCloud Merah Putih Scope implementation:
    • Pre-core deployment (Hardware mounting, assess and retrofit customer network, configure network device)
    • Core deployment part 1 (Device re-IP addressing, update hardware vendor component, and evaluate customer Azure subscription and accounts)
    • Core deployment part 2 (Azure stack software deployment, patching, updates, validation, and registration)
    • Post Deployment (configure Out Of Band management, directory integration, knowledge transfer, secret rotation, customer handoff, transition to support)
  2. Tukang.Cloud as ViBiCloud managed service to provide best quality of operational and maintenance for all environment with 24/7 non-stop services

Additional Component may needed:

  1. bandwidth internet (can use existing ISP or provided by ViBiCloud)
  2. Network devices (can use existing device or provided by ViBiCloud)
  3. OS guest license and database license that run on VM.


  • 5 weeks of implementation not include Azure Stack HCI delivery
  • Azure Stack HCI delivery estimation is 4 - 8 weeks