Customer 360: 10-Weeks Implementation

PT Xquisite Analitika Indonesia

Customer 360 Platform connects customer’s online and offline interaction via various sites. This solution is applicable to many B2Cs with a lot of customer and a great deal of transactional data

Customer 360 is a platform that enables you to perform thorough customer journey analysis. Through Customer 360, you will get better insights of your customer, and in turn it will help to avoid customer churn, increase sales by co-sell and up-sell, and capture potential loyal customer. Employing powerful services such as Azure Synapse Analytics to perform data integration from every touch point, resulting in comprehensive and reliable data bundle of your customer. Azure Synapse also provides dedicated SQL pool to be utilized as datawarehouse. Furthermore, rather than simply relying on historical transaction data, with help of Azure Machine Learning we can model a customer profiling which make it possible to initiate social intelligence, design customer segmentation and generate scoring strategies around customer interests. All of this collected and processed data can be further visualised in PowerBI or any visualization tool of your choice. We have the capability and know-how around Azure Cloude Services. During our engagement with you, we will also assess your need to provide the most suitable Azure solutions for you.