Modern Data Warehouse - 10 Days Assessment

PT Xquisite Analitika Indonesia

Entire your business to trust your data into one place to become data-driven enterprise

Data is essential in empowering every enterprise's journey in digital transformation. The ability to bring together datasets across the silos derive deep insight is key to business success.

We will help you to achieve a scalable Enterprise Data Warehouse that can provide "data trustworthy" for company-wide data from all sources into one place to become a data-driven enterprise.

Transforming existing data warehouse into Modern Data Warehouse will allow you to handle much larger volumes of data, data complexity, business logic of data warehouse, and technology.

During our 10-Days Modern Data Warehouse Assessment Service we will analyze your current architecture. We offers to develop a technological design that will allow you to implement a Modern Data Warehouse and take full advantage of the possibilities of the Azure technology stack.

Traditionally, building a Data Warehouse/BI Dashboard is a Capex project. We offer an Opex approach monthly pricing including infrastructure hosting on Azure cloud.

For SMB companies or middle scale to implement a data warehouse, we leverage Azure services for the data warehouse stack from data lake (ADF and Blob Storage) to the data warehouse (SQL on Azure).

For enterprise, we leverage Azure services for the data warehouse stack from data lake (ADLS Gen2) to the data warehouse (Synapse and Analysis Service). All stack runs on secure and scalable Azure cloud.

Program: 5 Days: Briefing, Scoping, Understanding your current architecture 5 Days: Solution design, Presentation Solution Design & Cost Estimation, Assessment Documentation/Executive Summary

Pricing factors that might change estimated pricing are tax, travel, and requirements for on-site work, the number of experts, and the number of business user departments.