Consulting Solutions Built on Microsoft: 8-Wk Implementation

Pricewaterhousecoopers LLP

Industry innovation that helps build trust and deliver bold outcomes. This is The New Equation with PwC and Microsoft.

Unlocking, harnessing and accelerating digital transformation requires an aligned, holistic and strategic approach to technological business evolution. PwC’s business-led strategies combined with Microsoft's technology-enabled solutions can help you meet your business goals quicker while maintaining a realistic budget. With more than 9,000 Microsoft certified specialists worldwide and an unrivaled, strong, global collaboration with Microsoft, PwC is one of the top collaborators to accompany you in your digital transformation.

About our Microsoft advisory services

To help stay competitive in a more digital world, businesses should have innovative ways to create value for customers. Most mission-critical programs, such as enterprise resource management and customer relationship management software are now cloud-based. Yet, many operations are still using inflexible legacy systems that are costly to maintain. Using Microsoft Azure’s portfolio of cloud-based products, PwC can help bring your organization’s important solutions into a digital environment. PwC has delivered 2,500+ projects to 750+ clients leveraging the extensive breadth of Microsoft cloud technology. We have 9,000+ Microsoft certified global consultants and hold all 6 available Microsoft Partner Solution designations in Azure, Cybersecurity, Business Applications and Modern Work having achieved 12 Microsoft Advanced Specializations.

Transforming industries with nearly 200 years of industry-leading knowledge and adaptability we can help balance your transformation with the trust needed to reduce any potential setbacks — so you can increase the value of your digital investments, while decreasing risks. Here are some examples:

●Healthcare: As healthcare evolves, business models should center on consumer experiences. PwC’s healthcare solution combined with Microsoft’s secure and flexible technology via Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare helps accelerate the business value of your healthcare cloud journey while reducing risk and increasing collaboration and automation, allowing you to focus on delivering quality care outcomes.

●Financial Services: To compete, financial institutions should do more to engage and excite customers, to connect with them, to help create trust and to build loyalty. Together PwC UK & Microsoft have developed Infinite Financial Solutions. This digital banking platform, built on Microsoft Cloud for Financial Services, leverages the power of Microsoft Azure, Dynamics 365, Power BI and industry-leading FinTech ISVs to help create a more connected and simplified experience.

●Manufacturing: PwC’s Smart Factory digital manufacturing solutions help enhance the customer experience while helping to increase the bottom line. PwC’s smart factory tech-enabled services combine digital, modern and foundational capabilities, through our ‘value first, outcomes back’ approach, to help drive manufacturing to become more flexible, more efficient and less prone to interruptions.

●Education: Bridging the gap between technology and traditional learning is key to meeting expectations and the demand for digitization in education. PwC Australia’s Connected Schools Solution is changing education, helping to empower students, teachers and school leaders and transform their experiences through the power of Microsoft.

●Retail: Increase customer engagement and loyalty with the power of Microsoft Dynamics 365 and PwC. PwC works with a majority of world’s largest retailers on total business transformation with PwC Poland’s Azure Retail Growth Toolkit and application modernization at scale with our Azure Modernization Factory.

●Media & Entertainment, Real Estate and Technology: Understanding how customers move through your physical and virtual spaces can be the key to creating more personal and meaningful touch points. PwC and Microsoft help companies across industries build Smart Venues to help streamline operations and create connected experiences with our Game Day Experience and Smart Venues solutions.