PwC GenAI Responsible AI Framework: 4-6 Week Implementation

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Creating impactful AI systems that are responsible, consistent and defensible.

GenAI Responsible AI Framework: Building trust and defensible decision-making

Navigating the trade-offs between the risk and opportunity of AI requires a solid strategy, principles-based governance and robust data sciences practices. At PwC, we help organizations create and implement a responsible AI (RAI) system, built on Microsoft Azure, that helps build trust and enables defensible decision-making.

PwC drives a multi-layered approach tailored to the unique and evolving needs of each organization and its stakeholders. As your AI footprint using Azure AI services expands our delivery model can adapt, enabling ongoing alignment with your requirements and opportunity.

Responsible AI: AI strategy to unlock opportunity

An overall AI strategy provides an essential foundation for implementing AI as part of a broader corporate strategy. It should be sustainable, involve the right stakeholders, reflect the opportunities the organization would like to address and the environment the organization operates in.

At PwC we can start your AI strategy with a maturity assessment, ideate and define opportunities for AI across the organization, assess existing governance practices across “lines of defence”, help define a roadmap for future development using Azure AI services and/or establish a guide of AI ethical principles.

Work with PwC on an AI strategy that answers key questions such as:

▪What role will generative AI and AI more broadly play in your organization and how can it align with vision, mission and values to build trust?

▪What are the priorities for the organization around AI and where are we willing or not willing to operate?

▪What existing organizational practices can be leveraged for AI governance to enhance adoption? How effective are they?

▪Who is responsible and accountable for the oversight of AI systems, including an AI governance program?

Responsible AI: effective operating models for governance

Operationalizing your AI governance program involves designing the governance framework and escalation processes, establishing policies, standard operating procedures and enterprise controls that reflect the specific risks associated with AI and generative AI systems. Our services in this area include:

▪Defining a governance process and accountability structure for AI

▪Drafting new generative AI policies or tailoring existing policies to incorporate responsible AI practices

▪Enhancing existing enterprise risk management practices to identify, catalog and address AI

▪Designing, assessing and enhancing enterprise controls through the Azure AI platform to mitigate AI risk

▪Developing standardized AI model documentation

▪Creating ‘first line’ model development processes and evaluation criteria

▪Independent testing and evaluation of AI systems including red teaming, bias testing, stress testing, and testing for legal and compliance requirements using Azure AI services and other frameworks

▪Readiness assessment against processes and controls for gaps relative to needs

▪Proactive analysis of AI-impacted systems against existing and evolving control and performance standards

Responsible AI: Training and change management for adoption

As you progress on your AI journey, providing training and change management initiatives to foster awareness and adoption within your organization is vital. Implementation of holistic training plans, communication plans and change management strategies, we aim to facilitate the smooth integration of RAI practices to enable your employees are equipped with the necessary awareness and skills to effectively utilize and embrace generative AI. These may include:

▪Generative AI 101 training programs with both templatized and custom options to fit your Azure infrastructure ▪Persona-based training around AI sourcing, design, development, usage, monitoring and maintenance ▪Enterprise-wide policy training and communication ranging from technical to executive education on AI topics

About PwC and Responsible AI

With a dedicated focus on RAI since 2017, PwC has garnered recognition in this field including being acknowledged as an AI and Analytics Consulting Leader by Forrester, IDC and Gartner. Elements of our Responsible AI offering, including our RAI Toolkit, were honored as a 2020 World Changing Idea by Fast Company. PwC has successfully assisted a wide range of clients, spanning industries including healthcare, financial services, technology and consumer markets to drive business outcomes with AI, responsibly.

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