ChatGPT: implementation of Azure AI

PwC Czech Republic

We help our clients to navigate in the fast growing AI field. Our main goal is helping with identification of the right use case, selecting the right Azure AI technology and end-to-end implementation.

Successful adoption and implementation of AI into your business is not just technical development/implementation project. We help our clients with the entire adoption process, including:

  • Analysis of current state and identification of potential use cases
  • Preparing detailed business case
  • Selecting the right technology in Azure ecosystem
  • Aligning solution with Azure cloud architecture
  • Advising on regulatory framework (e.g. how upcoming EU AI Act can impact using particular AI product within the company)
  • Development of the solution
  • Integration with existing systems in the organization
  • Testing
  • Change management (communication strategy that maximizes adoption within the team or entire organization)