PwC AI Innovation Workshop - Azure OpenAI

PwC Enterprise Advisory cvba/scrl (Belgium)

PwC's two part workshop to generate ideas and discover value through generative AI’s latest capabilities

Are you having trouble navigating the AI Innovation stream we are currently facing? Do you want to discover how generative AI can enable growth and efficiency in your organization? We can help you with a two part workshop to generate ideas and discover value through generative AI’s latest capabilities.

We help you frame your innovation focus and draft a high level execution plan through two interactive design and co-creation sessions.

Session 1 focuses on learning and understanding your business context, taking into account current AI/Data driven initiatives and overall strategic objectives. We ideate on the “Art of the Possible”, learning about your challenges and curiosity.

In session 2, our experts provide inspiration and ideate together on what Azure OpenAI can bring to your organization. We develop and prioritize use cases, assess gaps and formulate a high level roadmap.

The output of the workshops allows you to get started with your AI-based innovation:

  • Funneling and selection of initial ideas to get started with
  • Action plan to start quickly in a scalable, future-proof way
  • Getting the basics set up (e.g., policy definition, Azure environment...)
  • Demo or proof-of-concept of one of the initial ideas

Using our three pronged approach for co-creation and design: 1)People: We understand the value in diversity of thought, which is why we invite PwC SMEs from a broad range of industries and competencies to join the sessions. 2)Co-creation: Using Design Thinking methodologies we create engaging immersion and co-creation sessions to take you to the future. We then help you make the right strategic choices and design your way back. 3) Space: Forget about your office and daily routine. Enter our innovative Experience Center in Brussels and embark on a unique physical and psychological journey. This space was purpose-built to drive innovation and collaboration

Our AI innovation workshop is designed to provide state-of-the-art ideas and a customized approach to AI adoption, helping your organization to stay ahead of the curve and achieve long-term success.

Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you navigate AI-enabled innovation.