Cognitive AI news event monitoring: 3 weeks PoC

PwC Switzerland

PoC services related to the consulting, design and implementation of your own news feed monitoring solutions based on Azure App and Cognitive Service.

At PwC, our audit team has been harnessing the power of Azure Cognitive Service to improve the coverage and quality of our audit program. We would like to share our experience to help you develop your own be-spoke AI powered solution leveraging Azure Cognitive Services.

In the 3-week PoC, we will focus on helping you identify crucial news events that are relevant to your business, and developing a functional web-application that can regularly monitor those news events with workflow helping you analyse those events for business impact.

The PoC will help you accelerate the AI based event monitoring and response capabilities from the tsunami of contents that are generated and put online every day. Some events may have a significant impact on your key investments, supply chain, customer relationships, key investor etc. Combining Azure technology and PwC's expertise in understanding and evaluating significant business events.

Key benefits:
  • Identification of relevant external news events related to your business
  • Gain an understanding and quantify the business impact from each event type for your business
  • Provide suggestions on how to increase your news coverage and quality
  • Define together a relevance score reflecting your business needs
  • A fully functional web-based portal either hosted on our or your Azure subscription
  • Organizing the news aggregators licenses based on your volume needs.
Azure Services
  • Public News: Bing (other news aggregators, if deemed applicable)
  • Security: Key Vaults
  • AI & ML: Cognitive Services, Azure Search
  • Computation: App Services, Functions
  • Storage: Cosmos DB, Blob
  • Deployment: Azure DevOps, Azure Container Registry

Our service will be accelerated using our existing robust architecture and technology to monitor, evaluate and report relevant news articles. Sample solutions are included in the attachment.