Data Cloud Migration Strategy 4 Wk Implementation

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Assess existing on-premises database platform(s), evaluate needs and design a Cloud Data Migration Strategy to fit your business. 2022 Microsoft Partner of the Year Finalist - Inclusion Changemaker

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Get started with an Azure data migration strategy that is least disruptive to your current data, business operations, and services:

  • Understand existing data platforms & issues
  • Understand future data and information needs
  • Assess current architecture
  • Assess cloud adoption maturity
  • Review data quality, management, and governance practices & maturity


  • Gap analysis
  • Architectural options
  • Cloud / hybrid cloud data strategy
  • Migration options
  • New data requirements
  • Use cases and prioritization
  • Dependencies
  • Compliance, security
  • Data access patterns


  • Right-fit Azure data migration options
  • Future-state database architecture
  • Migration and cut over approach
  • Data security and compliance
  • Measures of success
  • Plan with dependencies
  • Budgetary costs

You can take over from there, or rely on Celsior's unique mix of Intentionally Inclusive™ diverse talent sourcing & transfer, or managed services, to progress your data modernization journey.

Intentionally Inclusive™
Celsior Technologies is committed to being an intentionally inclusive organization - meaning all people are provided with equal opportunity - and both the organization and its people realize their full potential.

This offer is priced as a four-week engagement. Additional fees may apply for an extended engagement. A typical engagement is 4-8 weeks and varies based on client scope. Contact us for details.