Adopt Azure Migration Factory 10 Wk Implementation

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Migrate at scale. Whether your environment has hundreds or thousands of images, Celsior can help you migrate to Azure. 2022 Microsoft Partner of the Year Finalist - Inclusion Changemaker

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You’ve invested in a solid strategy and plan. Your landing zone is deployed and ready for scale. Celsior can help you build upon that foundation and migrate your remaining IAAS and SQL images to Azure.

Our team has migrated customer environments with hundreds and thousands of images to the cloud, with a resource model that is cost-effective. And for those apps that aren’t migration-ready, we can help you determine your best next steps.

You can take over from there, or rely on Celsiors's unique mix of Intentionally Inclusive™ diverse talent sourcing & transfer, or managed services, to progress your sustainable cloud journey.

Pricing options:
• Request a custom offer with a blended per-image price specific to your project.

Qualifying customers may be eligible for Microsoft funding to support these offers. Contact us for the statement of work and full details.

Intentionally Inclusive™
Celsior Technologies is committed to being an intentionally inclusive organization - meaning all people are provided with equal opportunity - and both the organization and its people realize their full potential.