Enterprise Data Platform for Snowflake on Azure: 7-Week Implementation


In 7 weeks, go from a use case concept to a data-driven analytics solution providing insights into your business.

Successful enterprises understand that becoming truly data-driven is at the heart of innovation and transformation. Modern analytics demand self-service, clean and integrated data, and the ability to scale while ensuring strong security controls and data governance. A cloud-based system is the fastest way to realize these benefits.

The modern analytics journey can seem intimidating to implement, as balancing the desire for quick wins with the skills needed to implement correctly can be difficult for most organizations - until now.

Pythian’s Enterprise Data Platform (EDP) QuickStart for Snowflake on Microsoft Azure simplifies Azure cloud data services. It integrates, cleans, and organizes your data into Microsoft Azure and Snowflake, making your datasets available for analysis to uncover insights using modern business intelligence (BI) tools like Microsoft Power BI. You can validate, test, and engage users in the process of being data-enabled.

Show your organization the new insights your data can unlock—all in less than seven weeks. This simple, pre-integrated platform allows data to be collected and integrated from different sources. See how advanced platform features such as infrastructure as code (IaC), self-healing pipelines, metadata-driven pipeline development, data cleaning, monitoring, and alerting can be applied to your chosen use case.

Pythian’s EDP QuickStart for Snowflake on Azure includes all required data modeling, transformation, integration, cleansing, and organizing to support your specific use case to accelerate time-to-value: • In two weeks: Identify a use case, through an intensive workshop to make it available through an Enterprise Data Platform. • In five weeks: Provide a scalable Enterprise Data Platform with Azure that is ready to use for analytics.

This offering delivers immediate value and scales and expands with additional use cases. EDP QuickStart allows you to build for the future and grow while protecting your investment.