MDS to Profisee Migration Assessment 1 Day

QMetrix Pty Ltd

Leverage your existing investment in MDS whilst migrating to a fully supported feature rich cloud platform. Use Profisee's native MDS migration utility to reduce the effort of achieving true cloud MDM

If your existing Master Data Services (MDS) implementation has reached the end of life, or your organisation is rearchitecting away from Self-Hosted solutions to a pure cloud-based implementation, then Profisee is your path forward.

Profisee’s native MDS to Profisee migration utility means you no longer need to rewrite your entire Master Data Management platform from the beginning. Your MDS migration project now becomes a true migration project shrinking the test volume, reducing migration time, mitigating risks, and lowering your migration project’s costs.

By leveraging Profisee's native MDS migration utility to migrate both your model and your data, you can fast track your MDS cloud migration onto Azure's extensive cloud platform, freeing up valuable project resources to fully utilise your investment in the full stack of Azure services:

  • Azure Data Factory
  • Azure Synapse
  • Azure Data Lake (G2)
  • Purview

Once your migration is complete, your organisation can take advantage of the new features available in Profisee, features many other platforms don’t offer or charge you extra for...

  • Enterprise grade feature rich REST API (standard CRUD operations plus more)
  • Configurable Web Portal
  • Workflows
  • File Attachments (Upload/Download)
  • Integration with external services via WebHooks

Our one-day assessment will provide you with a comprehensive GAP analysis, highlighting any issues that may be incurred during your migration. Solution Architects and Project Managers can leverage this analysis to accurately allocate resources to your project, while Business Sponsors will be able to more effectively understand the full benefits of choosing a MDS to Profisee migration over a rebuild from the ground up.