Cloud Scale Analytics POC


A complete development lifecycle that results in a fully working solution

What you can expect? Scope One Business Use Case (one to two fact tables / 3 – 5 Dimension)  One Dashboards / Two Reports Evaluation: Review of your requirements for cloud analytics and appraisal of existing candidate systems you may be considering moving to the cloud. Design: Architectural proposals for discussion and approval, costing and implementation details. Delivery: Proof of Concept system developed and hosted in the cloud, demonstrated to stakeholders. Review: Together we'll measure the success of the project and devise your next steps.

Approach This cloud analytics proof of concept engagement starting at 5 days duration will focus on any aspect of your data estate, helping you build on your understanding of cloud concepts and offerings, so you can: Identify the  potential future value of enhancing your data platform Define your path to harnessing cloud-native data analytics Showcase the functionality of the cloud to your stakeholders, using a proof of concept with data they know

Deliverables By the end of the engagement an industry focused dashboard will be delivered, backed by an Azure hosted data warehouse which will enable business leaders to manage up to 5 key KPIs as an enabler for business growth and improvement.