Master Data Management: 4 day Profisee Workshop (EU)

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Profisee MDM 4 day Quickstart Workshop starting your Master Data & Governance Journey

Our customized Master Data Management workshop can be used as quick start for your Data Governance journey. The Workshop environment is built using Profisee MDM running in our Azure Training environment.

How does MDM work and what value can it bring to operations and applications?

Both MDM & DG are important but neither of them form a complete solution by themselves. Together, they form a solid foundation for complete, consistent and trustworthy data that benefits the business.

This offer gives you practical examples and scenarios on one of your master data challenges with the opportunity to evaluate MDM concepts before proceeding.

We offer a guided workshop on setting up initial master data management model and loading data via UI and batch loading Approaches.

Setting up the Profisse PaaS solutions with Azure.
Overview of what MDM is and its features.
Guide you through the modelling of your first domain with a predefined set of entities and attributes with optional hierarchy.
Create a baseline schema, connect to and import data, design some quality check rules and a first workflow.
Learn how "golden record matching" works.

The workshop also includes demonstrating metadata management, data classification through Azure Purview, a data entry form for data stewards and a walk through the web portal for internal stakeholders.

  • Day 0 Initialize Profisee PaaS environment incl. temporary license following the pre-requisites, client tool and access.
  • Day 1 MDM Feature overview, Data model for a single domain and selected entities, import of previously prepared initial data, access through web portal.
  • Day 2 Data integration, Data Quality Rules, Matching, Metadata, Data Classification.
  • Day 3 Data steward workflow, summary.

We can then extract the created data model and help start your master data journey.