Empower your business with AI :2 hr briefing

Quadbase Systems Inc

Overview and demo of Azure AI, Machine Learning studio and how to apply the techniques to improve your business performance.

In order to grow or merely stay in business, every company needs to compete effectively in their markets. To do so, among other things, the company needs to innovate, improve productivity, keep costs down and increase sales and profits. That is where modern AI technologies can come in. We invite you to spend a couple of hours with our team of experts in App modernization, AI, and machine learning to understand your operational issues, pain points and discuss how we can help you utilize AI technologies to optimize your business performance. No matter what challenges you might be facing - be it modernizing your legacy applications to run in the Cloud and on mobile devices, streamlining your business process by replacing Excel applications and pencils/papers, utilizing AI to further increase productivity, intelligent chat bots to be frontline to helpdesk/salesforce, our team has the right solution for you.


  • Introduction to Azure AI and App modernization technologies
  • Demo a simple AI enhanced application
  • Discussion on your business issues, business processes that you would like to address
  • Discussion of performance metric improvement areas and possible solutions


  • Statement of understanding of your business cases
  • Recommendations on best possible solutions to your business problems
  • Plan for further discussion and/or POC, as required

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