Predictive Analytics, ML, AI: POC 1 week+

Quadbase Systems Inc

A one week POC that demonstrates predictive analytics, machine learning on Azure ML, and how to apply the techniques to improve your business performance.

In this one week engagement, Quadbase experts will work with business analysts and/or key stake holders in your organization to discuss and explore use cases that can benefit from predictive analytics utilizing AI, and Machine Learning technologies. The objective is to understand your data, strategic metrics, KPI’s and main goals to improve performance of your organization. Based on your domain knowledge and our expertise in artificial intelligence and machine learning, we aim to come up with predictive models that can demonstrate the concept in solving a particular problem. Regardless of what industry you are in and what problems you are trying to solve –we will work with you to come up with optimized solutions that will give you actionable predictive insights.


  • Introduction to the concept of machine learning, AI, tools and approaches we use
  • Work with your business analysts and/or stake holders to understand your data and metrics that are important to your organization and come up with a use case for this POC exercise
  • Collect and prepare available and relevant data that can be used to build predictive models
  • Build, evaluate and compare models
  • Prepare report and present evaluation result
  • Choose the best model and demonstrate a deployment scenario with reports and visual analytics ###Deliverables
  • An executive summary of the objectives of the POC
  • An overview of the development and assessment process and results
  • A recommended model for the problem in the POC
  • A proposal for potential future engagements in pilot runs and implementation for production

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