Predictive Analytics, ML, AI: 2-Hr Briefing

Quadbase Systems Inc

Overview and demo of predictive analytics, machine learning and AI techniques, and how to apply the technologies to improve your business performance.

At the current pace, the amount of data created every day is estimated to be 2.5 quintillion bytes, a mindboggling number that challenges anyone to count the number of zeros. Since the vast amount of data is collected by businesses and government organizations, it is not surprising that forward looking enterprises are keen on utilizing the data to gain competitive advantage by improving efficiency, making data driven decisions and streamlining business processes. Common problems addressed by machine learning and AI are predictive inventory management, fraud detection, product recommendation, customer churn prediction, marketing campaign optimization, chatbot, online activity prediction, financial forecast, predictive equipment maintenance, document processing, image/object detection, and sentiment analysis. We invite you to spend a couple of hours with our AI experts to see how the process works and discuss how we can help you to utilize these technologies to optimize your business performance.


  • Introduction to basic concepts of machine learning and predictive analytics
  • Demo on a model building and deployment process using Azure ML and Python
  • Discussion on your business issues and performance goals
  • Discussion of performance metric improvement areas and possible solutions


  • Statement of understanding of your business cases
  • Recommendations on best possible solutions to your business problems
  • Plan for further discussion and/or POC, as required

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