Predictive Analytics, ML, AI: 2-Hr Briefing

Quadbase Systems Inc

Overview and demo of predictive analytics, machine learning on Azure ML, and how to apply the techniques to improve your business performance.

The phrase “data driven economy” is almost cliché. However the fact is that the amount of data collected by businesses and government organizations is literally growing exponentially. And that data is one of the most valuable assets that could help your business to gain a competitive advantage. The days of making business decisions based on gut feelings and guesswork are obviously over. But traditional BI tools are like rear view mirrors as they do not give you the full picture. So how do you utilize your data to gain actionable insights beyond what traditional BI tools can offer you? We invite you to spend a couple of hours with our machine learning experts to see how the process works and discuss how we can help you to utilize predictive analytics to optimize your business performance.


  • Introduction to basic concepts of machine learning and predictive analytics
  • Demo on a predictive model building and deployment process using Azure ML
  • Discussion on your business issues and performance goals
  • Discussion of performance metric improvement areas and possible solutions


  • Statement of understanding of your business cases
  • Recommendations on best possible solutions to your business problems
  • Plan for further discussion and/or POC, as required

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