Cloud Enablement and Risk Assessment : 2 Week POC

Quadrant Resource LLC

CERA unifies cloud resources from multiple clouds and provides intuitive dashboard.

Cloud Enablement and Risk Assessment (CERA) helps multi cloud customers to unify resource categories like Compute, Storage, Networking, SQL Database and others. It provides intuitive dashboard of their various cloud portfolios at a single place. This Azure web based platform offering comes with continuous support and feature enhancements for customers to realize their ROI.

Key Features:

  1. This framework unifies resources from multiple clouds, cost optimization and recommendations
  2. Categorization of resources
  3. Enables leadership team to identify workloads, resource redundancy, and cloud costs
  4. Enabled multiple clouds as Plug and play
  5. Provides comprehensive dashboard with unified resource categories
  6. Drilldown reports to visualize each resource cost and compliance metrics
  7. Deployment across worldwide regions
  8. Setup custom policies on top of cloud provider policies
  9. API based platform which is easily integrated with any Web/Windows/Mobile apps

Deliverables: Power BI dashboard CERA Platform deployed in Azure cloud Web UI in Azure web app