DevOps Livesite Engineering and Support: 10-Wk Implementation

Quadrant Resource LLC

Modernize application environments through DevOps and SRE enablement including consultation and support.

Customers are looking for end to end solutions to accelerate their deployments and monitor the application health postproduction with reduced infrastructure maintenance, easy scalability and improved performance. Quadrant's DLITES implementation service enables customers to onboard to Azure DevOps easily plugged in with tools and technologies to view the SLAs, product health metrics through built in dashboards.

Unique Features

  • Code baseline and Branching Strategy
  • Azure CI/CD Assessment and Implementation
  • SRE tools integration
  • Support tools integration to handle postproduction incidents

End of Implementation, deliverables are

  • Effort required to implement the Azure DevOps and plug in SRE tools
  • Infrastructure Modernization and Cost Estimation
  • SLA & SLO Definitions and Analysis
  • Our solution covers for all the industry verticals like Retail, Healthcare, Banking, Manufacturing, Insurance, Education etc.,
  • Charges apply for the actual DevOps and SRE implementation but not for the initial assessment of customer environment