Database Migration to OSS : 2-week Proof of Concept

Quadrant Resource LLC

Migrate any DB to OSS Database to Azure cloud with Assessment, Cost & infra estimation and reports

QMigrator is an easy to use web-based database migration Tool, which migrates any On-Prem/Cloud databases to Open-Source Databases like PostgreSQL/MySQL/MariaDB for Azure.

Highlights of this tool

  • Customer on-boarding
  • Migration Assessment
  • Code Conversion
  • Schema migration
  • Data Migration
  • Deployment
  • Testing & Validation
  • Reporting

QMigrator Saves

  • 75% manual code conversion time
  • Expedite migration from Months to Weeks
  • Reduces migration estimation process time

Unique Features

  • Heterogeneous database code conversion
  • Migration Assessment
  • CI/CD with Azure

End of POC, you get

  • Migration estimation report for all the Databases
  • Capacity assessment based on AWR reports and/or current infrastructure
  • One Schema migration
  • Code objects migration from above schema
  • Data Migration up to 10 GB
  • Functional and Performance testing(limited to few transactions)

Charges apply for the actual data migration

For more info :