The Quadrical Ai Big Data Platform: 8-Wk PoC

Quadrical Inc (Canada)

Let Quadrical Ai, with our understanding of the right modelling techniques for Azure Data Lake based solutions for large companies, be your partner in implementing a Big Data PoC.

We at Quadrical Ai are Data-Engineers, with a ‘Business First’ attitude. Founders, Dr. Hugh Hind and Sharat Singh, have broad and deep experience in making your data clean, complete and in context.

We do this by cleansing, shaping, and preparing data from multiple sources with a validation guarantee – keeping it, from polluting the Data Lake. ACID transactions at massive scale to/from the Data Lake, are allowed through Connectors, while RealTime streaming architecture features server-less compute for scalability and faster insights. We know that competitors, just do a ‘bring data, ETL and dump,’ instead of offering an extensible, server-less compute.

Our compute infrastructure is also fully integrated with Azure CI/CD, allowing Data Scientists to become smarter by being able to schedule-batch RealTime ML tasks, directly in our server-less compute infrastructure, and also extend (or add) existing ETL and API, as well as extractions, on-the-fly. Finally, external Reports (which’ll allow for ‘Applied AI’ Analytics in RealTime) go through a live connector to Power BI.

Cost: As you deserve value for your spending, Quadrical Ai uses an optimal blend of managed and open-source technology, which offer the best fault tolerance and reliability.

Deliverable: One Azure Data Lake PoC.

  1. Real Time Unique Reports/Insights, powered by your own data
  2. Consolidated view from Multiple Sources of your business’s data
  3. Schema Validation to ensure your Data Lake is always sacrosanct
  4. Scalable infrastructure with automated CI/CD pipelines
  5. AI ready to allow you to further drive business value quickly…