Azure Cloud Optimization: 4-Hr Assessment

Qualysoft Informatikai Zártkörűen Működő Részvénytársaság

Cloud optimization service offers improvements on several IT areas from your infrastructure to applications regarding costs, processes and security.
Does your on-premise and cloud environment need cost optimization, security hardening, cloud governance, or application modernization? Our 4 Hours assessment is to discuss details of our services on 1 or all of the following areas: ### Optimization areas * Azure Cost optimization: analysis of cloud costs, identifying potential cost saving opportunities. * Target audience: cloud product owners, managers responsible with cost centers Billing Admins, Business owners * Azure Governance: will help to start the transition to a modern cloud-based enterprise architecture using a solid set of controls for governance. * Azure / Office 365 Security Assessment: comparing existing security practices with Microsoft best practices and recommendations or optionally with organization’s security baseline. * Application modernization: Identify, and/implement steps to modernize a legacy on-premises application, including upgrading and migrating the database to Azure and updating the application to take advantage of containers, server-less and cloud services. ### Deliverables (based on optimization areas) * Azure Cost optimization: workshop, assessment reports, optimization plan * Azure Governance: workshop, optimization plan * Azure / Office 365 Security Assessment: assessment reports, Issue remediation plan * Application Modernization: deep-dive workshop to understand scope of work, migration feasibility assessment, app modernization plan, etc.