BizTalk 2020 or Azure Migration 3-Day Assessment


Does it make sense to upgrade to BizTalk 2020 or better migrate into Azure Integration Services e.g. Logic Apps? Our experts help you hands-on to assess and find out the best way to go.

Shall I upgrade my existing BizTalk environment or move to Azure Integration Services using Logic Apps, Service Bus, API-Management? What does the ISE (Integration Service Environment) do for me? QUIBIQ is building BizTalk solutions for 19 years and Azure integration solutions since the platform was build.

In our 3-day assessment we will work together with you to find the best integration architecture for your enterprise - including your existing environments and build for your future needs and requirements.


DAY 1 - Requirement Analysis

  • Deep dive into all existing integration components (pro+con)
  • Review your existing BizTalk and other data integrations
  • Discus future integration needs

DAY 2 - Design Integration Architecture

  • Design recommended integration architecture involving all necessary components
  • Plan Hand-On Integration for third day

DAY 3 - Hands-On

  • Develop your first Integration together with our experts
  • Verify assumptions
  • Finalize your Integration architecture

**Deliverables: **

  • Your individual Integration architecture
  • Reduced risk when planning new integrations
  • Insights in capabilities of Azure EDI