Machine Learning Lab: 3-day Workshop


Use our Azure Machine Learning Lab to find out what benefit Azure ML and AI can realize for you based on your own data.

Our Azure Machine Learning Lab is based on your own data and a QUIBIQ data analyst that will work on your data to show you how to use AI to get better insight into your data.

The offering consists of:

  • one onsite workshop to hand over your data to QUIBIQ and to handover the business knowledge to understand the data
  • QUIBIQ will then analyze your data and find Azure AI models to support your business processes
  • a two day onsite workshop present the Azure AI models and modify them to get the best results

Agenda day 1

  • analyze your own data to understand content

day 2

  • presentation auf AI models on your data and insights

day 3

  • modify your AI model hands-on to optimizes results

After the 3-day workshop you will be able to start your own Azure ML and AI story and gain benefits from this new Azure technologies and services.